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Need practical work
experience as a student?

Explore our internship opportunities designed to prepare students for the professional world

Student Learning Programme

Fawr Foundation real time learning and development initiative for graduate students  . It's a great opportunity to Pre - graduate to learn what exactly they are going to work i. A short Term Opportunity for Tech genie. 

Just mention us what you can do, and what's your special talents. 

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why internship at fawr ?

As competition for graduate jobs increases, students need to think of new ways to set themselves apart from all of the other equally qualified and skilled candidates. Graduates who have relevant workplace experience tend to be more valued by us, and this makes internships an attractive prospect.

When you look at the stats, the reason why internships are good for students looking for their first role becomes clear.

With the emphasis firmly on training, internships give students real-life experience of the workplace and field they hope to break into. This not only helps them gain critical work skills and decide if the career they are experiencing is right for them, it also enables them to make valuable work contacts and acts as an important stepping-stone to securing a job and climbing the first rung on the career ladder.

Some studies suggest that the skills and experience you gain during work placements and internships help graduates achieve higher overall grades in their exams, giving you an in-depth understanding of the principles and ideas learnt during your degree, which you can draw on when taking exams.

What’s more, although some internships may not count towards your degree, many universities offer work experience and placements that do count as a percentage of your overall mark, helping you gain valuable experience and achieve better grades.



Learning with an

industry leader

Leveraging digital and engineering technologies

Mentorship with one of the best employers

Access to global teams and projects

Employee centric and Inclusive Culture








First Runner up



Second Runner up

The top performers from Round 3 will get -

  • Pre-placement Interview Opportunities for Niche Technical Roles at Fawr

  • Chance to become a Campus Ambassador

  • Opportunity to Work on Challenging Problems and Mentorship by Technology Leaders


Top 100 finalists from Round 3 will compete in the Grand Finale.


As an intern, you will work in an agile environment, learning to develop quality software solutions across multiple industry domains. Based on business requirements and your internship specifics, you will learn to develop code in line with quality standards and support testing cycles and post-production deployment. You will prepare yourself for a great career by accessing opportunities to:

  • Learn through training and on-the-job experience

  • Develop quality software solutions across multiple industry domains

  • Leverage leading edge technologies, tools and platforms to acquire new skills

  • Gain experience in Ai, machine learning, data & analytics, product engineering, digital consulting like design thinking, UX design, SaaS

Frequently asked questions

Before Application

Who can apply?
Students who are enrolled in our partner institutions can apply for SLP.

When should I apply?
The internship program runs throughout the year to accommodate different academic calendars. Please apply four to five months before your planned starting date.

What documents must I submit while applying?
To apply, you will need to fill the online application form and upload your resume in PDF format. If selected for an interview, you will be requested to provide an unofficial transcript.

Do I need a professor's recommendation?
Recommendations are not required. References, however, are required (professional or academic, regarding your background and skills.)

What if the current projects do not interest me?
Please apply online and indicate your area of interest (i.e., marketing, data mining, and talent management).

Whom should I contact to know more about the projects?
Please contact Punith Kumar (, SLP's Project Manager.

During Application

What are the forms that I need to fill?
You need to fill the online application form and upload your resume in PDF format. check our guidelines once.

Would it help to provide extra material?
Not unless requested by the interviewer.

You will get an overview of the project during the interview. More details can be requested from your project mentor after the interview.

After Application

How soon will I receive an interview call after I submit the application online?
If you are selected, and depending on how well your profile matches available projects, interview waiting times can range from two weeks to several months.

When will I hear from SLP about the final decision?
Usually, you will hear from us within two weeks of your interview.

One student from my University/College is already admitted. Does that mean I have a slim chance of getting enrolled for the internship?
No. Interns are selected on a project-to-project basis. Your ability and compatibility with a project will determine whether you get selected.

Who can I talk to before I make my decision to accept the internship?
You can talk to our SLP team members, a campus ambassador, or any past interns. In addition, career services at your school may provide advice.

Frequently Asked Questions


For any other queries please write to

Application Process

Providing internship opportunities and training for students who have completed or are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in tech.

If you want a perfect blend of education and experience, let us help you make an impressive start!

From the classroom to the boardroom

Get global industry exposure and a lucrative start to a consulting career.

Enrollment Qualification

Major in computer science, computer engineering, or STEM field with exposure to computer programming

Anticipated graduation with an Associates or Bachelors degree

Cumulative GPA 75% or higher

College or permanent residence within commutable distance to any of our locations with open roles

Selection Process

Application Submission

Online Assesment

Virtual interview

Receive Offer

Document submision

Document Verification


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