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Enterprise Applications

Can we think of even one business without a website or a mobile application? The answer will be no because probably each and every sector in the business world is plush with competing ideas that offer a tough game by a highly engaging website or mobile application.


Websites and mobile applications usually offer an extensive reach that is just quite limited with only marketing it online. However, when one creates a website to substantiate their company's profile, consideration is also laid down on developing the same in order to make it more appealing to the audience.


It is quite surprising to know that few entrepreneurs have tried their hands at designing and developing their own websites, however they failed miserably. Therefore, companies usually reach out to these specific services provided by web development companies where a special team consisting of coders, managers, web designers and marketing experts handle the project to deliver their clients exactly what they asked for.


With the exposure that we are provided today, we are quite aware of the fact that websites come in different styles and sizes. Usually, when a company initiates on building their website from the web development company, they customize it on their own. On the other hand, some companies also offer their criteria to the development company and the team manages the project on their own. The common approach that these people make is that at first the website should be developed for small-handed devices and then move on to adapting it for a laptop or a PC. However, there are few other ranges of factors that these companies take into consideration before building a website:


  • The industry the company operates in

  • The type of business that the company offers, i.e, B2B, B2C

  • The geography and audience demographics that the business caters to

  • The objection and aim of the company

  • The budget for the creation and maintenance of the website


When a web development company is approached by a client to design a website for them, these are the first few steps that are commonly fulfilled:


  • Research and Planning: It is very important for the service provider to understand the client's needs and business goals in order to collect and process adequate information. The appointed team then churns out the best methodologies and layout for the website which will suit the business best.


  • Perfecting the Design: The website's look must imitate the air of the business that it promotes. Hence, the service providers assure that the team combines the latest trends, clients expectations, business goals and concepts to weave out and produce the perfect website design for the client. Starting from the content, to the colours, theme and flow of the page, everything creates a rich impact on the audience.


  • Clean Coding: Clean Coding is when the service provider makes use of the newest launched web development technologies and layers it perfectly to meet the client's business goals. A decent coding is when SEO works at it's best along with the efficient running of the website.


  • Launch and Maintainance: After the base is done, it is very important that the website syncs with SEO in order to boost the business. Marketing plays a big role in making your brand name reach the public on a large scale.


The other few responsibilities of a web development service to its clients are as follows:


  • The beta testing phase where the website or app is tested before it goes in the hands of the public

  • Ideating and freezing the framework, architecture  and navigation

  • Coding and programming the back end

  • Choosing a coding language to build the website

  • Publishing content and optimizing it according to best practices

  • Developing the user interface and user experience at the front end

  • Identifying problems and bugs and fixing the loopholes

  • Testing the speed and performance of the website

  • Implementing codes and going live


A web development process also requires a few other steps which are usually completed by an outsourcing partner. Once the deal is set, the profile goes live and brings in engagement for the business.

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