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Cloud Solutions

With inventions and growth in each sector of the world, businesses have also opted for one such service provider that has made lives easier. If we look back to about 20 years, we see that businesses used to store all their data manually in their acquired devices or files whereas these days, cloud computing is an easier alternative solution to the same. Cloud computing is basically "the delivery of on-demand computing services - from applications to storage and processing power - typically over the internet and on a pay-as-you-go basis.”


The major benefit of a cloud computing service is that companies can directly have access to everything at any point of time, starting from applications to storage from a cloud service provider rather than owning their computing infrastructure or data firms which makes the process of acquiring anything a lot longer. The companies do not have to buy servers or update applications and operating systems anymore. It gets quite tedious and fussy if all of the data is maintained by a team manually therefore, the entire process of disposing or updating data is done by cloud computing servers. The maintenance cost that is required to carry forward the deals along with the problems and errors are all taken away from the company teams head and they only pay for the services they require when they need it.


Under a cloud computing service, there are several benefits that a company could use for its own advantage. Starting from Gmail, to cloud backup of files, photos, documents etc. is all done under one single roof which makes it very easy for the client to access their data when needed. Research data says that about ¾ of the world's IT firms rely on Cloud Computing services. A company that specializes in running and weaving out a cloud computing service with the experts is definite to understand the whereabouts of the loophole and find easy ways to achieve a goal. The probability of successfully reaching a goal, in this case, is much higher than a small company trying to invest in hiring people who will take care of all this mess.


Cloud computing services also proportionally conclude that companies can run faster on projects and test out ideas without lengthy procurement and big upfront costs. To run a successful business, businessmen usually lookout for deals that could make their workflow more efficient. It is highly appreciated by the clients as well when they are provided with their results fast and hustle free.


On another note, for a company whose growth or usage happens at high peaks only in a certain amount of time, it makes financial sense for them to invest in a cloud computing service rather than owning a private software that remains idle for a long span of time. It also saves the unnecessary cost that is required to run an application smoothly.


However, with a wide range of scopes that a cloud computing service provides, many users may not be comfortable in sharing a space for storing all their data because of security. Some may worry about their data being hacked and their rivals following up on their ideas. To set this deal too, there are different types of cloud computing services that are provided by the servers in order to suit each client need.



  • Public Cloud: Public Cloud service providers are third party providers who deliver computer resources like servers and storage options over the internet, for example, Microsoft Azure etc. In a public cloud, you access the provider's services and manage your account only using a web browser.


  • Private Cloud: These kinds of services are usually used by a small single business or an organization. Private cloud is usually located physically only on the company's on-site data centre. These services are only maintained over a private network and some companies also pay third-party service providers to host their private cloud.


  • Hybrid Cloud: These cloud services are a mix of the above two that allows data and applications to be shared between the public and private cloud. This cloud is of great help that brings your business some flexibility, more deployment options and optimised existing infrastructure, structure and compliance.


If we look around in our surroundings, we will see that we are probably using cloud computing services in everything. Be it mailing someone, editing documents, watching movies online or even storing files online, cloud computing services exist in all forms and shapes.


Cloud computing's best feature is that its quality is distributed evenly amongst a large customer base. There is no risk of a file getting lost or deleted as it can be easily restored using the features of the cloud application. SaaS, also known as Software as a Service is an on-demand software that lets you provide the latest software versions and updates to customers, at any point in the globe.


If you are looking forward to choosing the perfect cloud service provider for your business, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind before you decide to invest:


  • Trust and Understanding: The first and foremost objective to be mentioned here is that there should be a mutual trust and understanding build between both the parties. Before you take a step forward, make sure to know everything about the company, their records, reputations, reviews from clients etc. The provider should be able to understand the terms of your company and help you achieve your desired goals.


  • Financial Stability: It is very important that the cloud service provider you choose for yourself has a good record of financial health and can substantiate healthy operation in the long run with their wealth.


  • Management Structure: The next important factor in the list is that the company should have great management and an efficient team behind the screens. They should be aware of organizational skills, risk factors, planning, governance etc. and weave out smooth results for their clients.

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